As our main business involves the tuning, repairs and restoration of pianos, we don't have a huge showroom full of expensive pianos. However, we always try to maintain a small selection of pianos available for purchase. These are the pianos that we love to restore. There are many pianos out there, but the majority of them are now past their best, or even when newly built, were only ever mediocre. Because of this, a lot of our time is spent sourcing the right pianos for restoration. Each one is personally selected, and is an instrument we would happily have in our own home. We do a considerable amount of work on every piano that comes into our workshop, that includes the newer instruments too. 


As we are often out and about tuning, give us call to make an appointment to visit.  We will give you honest, straightforward advice, along with a cup of tea  (and a biscuit if you're lucky!) This page is updated regularly, however, if you do not see what you are looking for in the photos below, call us as we may have something suitable not shown; or at the very least we can discuss your requirements. Every piano comes with a  guarantee of our workmanship for a period of 3 years.

























Delivery of pianos is a costly business and needs not only knowledge and experience, but also the correct equipment too.

For pianos that are within a 75km radius of Kilrossanty, delivery is free of charge. For customers outside that radius, there is a small fee , but rest assured, we don't make a profit on delivery - the fee only covers our extra time and costs incurred.


Due to the current Covid 19 situation, coupled with the added complexities of Brexit, our usual flow of sourcing quality instruments for restoration has been somewhat interrupted!

We are hopeful of resolving these issues in the very near future, so please do contact us if you have any queries relating to the purchase of a piano, and please do watch this space.......

Welmar upright piano -  c.1955

Welmar pianos are certainly among the finer of the British manufacturers.

This A2 model was built in 1955, but doesn't look that much different to their models produced in the 1980's, such was the quality and longevity of their designs. 

Finished in the desirable walnut veneer, the cabinet has been stripped and repolished to make the most of the lovely grain. Internally, the action has been restored with new repetition springs and tapes, along with other parts to ensure everything works as should.

The 88 note keyboard has been thoroughly cleaned, and the key coverings buffed.

Tuned to A440Hz.

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :        Width   -  145cm

                                Depth   -    54cm

                               Height   -  105cm

PRICE  -  €1850