As our main business involves the tuning, repairs and restoration of pianos, we don't have a huge showroom full of expensive pianos. However, we always try to maintain a small selection of pianos available for purchase. These are the pianos that we love to restore. There are many pianos out there, but the majority of them are now past their best, or even when newly built, were only ever mediocre. Because of this, a lot of our time is spent sourcing the right pianos for restoration. Each one is personally selected, and is an instrument we would happily have in our own home. We do a considerable amount of work on every piano that comes into our workshop, that includes the newer instruments too. 


As we are often out and about tuning, give us call to make an appointment to visit.  We will give you honest, straightforward advice, along with a cup of tea  (and a biscuit if you're lucky!) This page is updated regularly, however, if you do not see what you are looking for in the photos below, call us as we may have something suitable not shown; or at the very least we can discuss your requirements. Every piano comes with a  guarantee of our workmanship for a period of 3 years.

























Delivery of pianos is a costly business and needs not only knowledge and experience, but also the correct equipment too.

For pianos that are within a 75km radius of Kilrossanty, delivery is free of charge. For customers outside that radius, there is a small fee , but rest assured, we don't make a profit on delivery - the fee only covers our extra time and costs incurred.

Rippen upright piano -  c.1989

Rippen pianos were established in The Netherlands in 1937. They built pianos in a slightly different way to other manufacturers, which sometimes worked out for the best! This Belcanto model uses the "floating soundboard" design, meaning the soundboard is not glued to the edge of the piano in the bass end, resulting in a resonance not found in other pianos of this size. it really does work..

The case is veneered in a lovely crown cut mahogany, which has been repolished to look as good as new. 

This piano also has the upgraded Renner action from Germany, so a sure sign of a quality instrument.

The Belcanto also has the third "practice pedal", a common sight on newer pianos.

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :       Width      147cm

                               Depth        57cm

                               Height     115cm

PRICE  -  €1650

Schiedmayer upright piano -  c.1914

The Schiedmayer family  have been building stringed instruments since 1735. This piano was built by J&P Schiedmayer in Stuttgart in 1914. Although probably not a particularly well known brand, they are certainly up there with the best of the other German manufacturers.

The rosewood cabinet has some lovely decorative features and the brass inlay on the fall is a work of art in itself.

The cabinet has been stripped and repolished and all brasswork buffed. The keyboard has been recovered, so is as good as new.

Internally, the action has been reconditioned and regulated so everything is in fine working order.

All in all, a really nice instrument and a fine piece of furniture.

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :       Width      152cm

                               Depth        65cm

                               Height     130cm

PRICE  -  €2650

Blüthner upright piano -  c.1920

Julius Blüthner established his company in Leipzig in 1853. Along with Steinway, Bösendorfer, and Bechstein, Blüthner is frequently referred to as one of the "Big Four" piano manufacturers. By 1900, he would become the largest piano maker in Germany, producing 5,000 instruments per year.

This particular piano was manufactured in 1920. 

We have undertaken extensive restoration work on this piano, including a reguilded frame, new tuning pins and strings, recovered hammer heads by Abel, and much more!

The rosewood cabinet has been stripped and repolished, and even if we do say so ourselves, looks fabulous! It really does exude quality in all its detail.

The ivory keyboard is still in excellent condition, with no chips.

Pianos of this calibre rarely come onto the market nowadays, so this is an ideal opportunity to acquire a quality instrument.

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :        Width   -  157cm

                                Depth   -    69cm

                               Height   -  129cm

PRICE  -  €6750

Monington & Weston grand piano -  c.1931

Monington & Weston were established in 1858, and by the time this particular piano was built, were one of the foremost British producers of baby grand pianos. Many of their pianos from this era were built with two cast iron frames for added tuning stability. It also resulted in particularly heavy pianos!

We have restrung this piano, using new tuning pins and regilded the frame, so it looks like new internally. The 88 note ivory keyboard is a nice feature of this piano too. 

The case has been repolished in a mahogany satin finish and all brasswork has been polished too. 

The action plays nicely, with a fairly light touch. 

At 4ft 6in, it is not too big to fit into most rooms, and is a real statement piece....

Dimensions  :        Length   -  142cm

                                 Width    -  146cm


PRICE  -  €3950

Atlas  upright piano -  c.1980

Atlas were one of Japan's leading  piano  manufacturers alongside Kawai and Yamaha until their demise at the end of the 1980's. Their instruments were well respected in the trade as being of the highest quality. This A1 Model is finished in a Dark Mahogany polyester, a great alternative to the usual black seen so often. Internally, the action is smooth, responsive and plays beautifully.

Sitting at 123cm in height, the A1 is slightly larger than Yamaha's U1 model, and the proportions look perfect.

An ideal instrument for those wanting the quality of a Japanese piano, but without the usual price tag.....

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :        Width   -  152cm

                                Depth   -    63cm

                               Height   -  123cm

PRICE  -  €1950

John Broadwood & Sons upright piano -  c.1954

A lovely, small piano from one of the most respected of British piano makers,  John Broadwood & Sons.

The simple traditional case of this piano is made of solid mahogany, rather than being  veneered. It has been repolished in a medium mahogany semi gloss finish. 

This instrument also has a full 88 note keyboard which has been restored and repolished, and is in lovely condition.

The action has been reconditioned, including refaced hammers, new repetition springs and tapes etc.....

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :        Width   -  142cm

                                Depth   -    57cm

                               Height   -  109cm

PRICE  -  €1650

Challen upright piano  c.1926

Challen were a fairly prolific maker of pianos in the 1920's and 30's, of both upright and grands. This particular instrument was built in 1926, and has the popular three panel top door style of the day. The mahogany case has been stripped and repolished, with all brass work polished too. It has an 88 note ivory keyboard, that has also been thoroughly cleaned and buffed. 

Internally, the action has been restored and regulated, with the usual attention to detail we afford on every one of our pianos.

This piano is tuned to A440hz, which is concert pitch.

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :        Width   -  149cm

                                Depth   -    63cm

                               Height   -  121cm

PRICE  -  €1650

Nordiska upright piano  c.2010

Although originally manufactured in Sweden, Nordiska pianos are now manufactured in China.

This piano is presented in a crown cut mahogany polyester cabinet which, as you should expect from a piano of only 10 years old, is in very good condition.

The action has virtually no wear, but has been regulated and checked over. The keys have been cleaned and levelled, pedal work lubricated and reassembled. A great little piano for beginner or advancing pianist.

Configuration  :  Overstrung / Underdamper

Dimensions  :        Width   -  147cm

                                Depth   -    59cm

                               Height   -  109cm

PRICE  -  €1250