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As our main business involves the tuning, repairs and restoration of pianos, we don't have a huge showroom full of expensive pianos. However, we always try to maintain a small selection of pianos available for purchase. These are the pianos that we love to restore. There are many pianos out there, but the majority of them are now past their best, or even when newly built, were only ever mediocre. Because of this, a lot of our time is spent sourcing the right pianos for restoration. Each one is personally selected, and is an instrument we would happily have in our own home. We spend a lot of time on every piano that comes in to our workshop and a considerable amount of work is done on each of them too - far more than is actually listed in the descriptions below. Hopefully this can be be seen in the photos of our pianos listed.


As we are often out and about tuning, give us call to make an appointment to visit.  We will give you honest, straightforward advice, along with a cup of tea  (and a biscuit if you're lucky!) This page is updated regularly, however, if you do not see what you are looking for in the photos below, call us as we may have something suitable not shown; or at the very least we can discuss your requirements. Every piano comes with a  guarantee of our workmanship for a period of 3 years.


























Delivery of pianos is a costly business and needs not only knowledge and experience, but also the correct equipment too.

Most of the time we will deliver your piano free of charge, but if you happen to live the other end of the country, we may have to add a small fee - rest assured, we don't make a profit on delivery - the fee only covers our extra time and costs incurred.


Danemann upright piano

Here we have a model of piano rarely seen. It is from the respected British manufacturer Danemann, known for their pursuit of quality over quantity when it came to the building of their instruments.

This particular piano was manufactured in 1957 in the flourishing scandinavian design style of that decade.

Finished in a refinished two tone matt walnut cabinet and featuring the floating fall design, it really does stand out from the crowd. Internally the action has been restored, as has the keyboard and pedal system. 

This is a really nice piano, and as mentioned previously, not often seen - especially in this restored condition - and certainly makes a statement in most settings.


Tuned to A440Hz


Configuration  -  Overstrung / Underdamped

Year of manufacture  -  1957


Height   104cm

Width     147cm

Depth       62cm

PRICE   -   €2950

Allison upright piano

Arthur Allison & Co. were a well established piano manufacturer with a reputation for producing good quality upright pianos. In 1929, the  company was taken over by Chappell pianos.

This piano has been restored to the same standard as all our pianos, with repolished cabinets, buffed brasswork, restored actions and keyboards and pedal systems. We also do the back of the piano too, but never tend to show that element of work, as it never looks particulary exciting to see in photographs!

This Allison is veneered in fiddle back mahogany, a popular chioce during the 1930's, and has a full 88 note keyboard.


Tuned to A440 Hz

Year of manufacture  -  1938


Height      118cm

Width       140cm

Depth         59cm


PRICE   -   €1950

Collard & Collard upright piano

Collard & Collard are one of the oldest British piano manufacturers, dating back to 1767. They produced thousands of pianos up until they were taken over by Chappell pianos. So, like the Allison that we also have in stock, this piano was built by Chappell pianos using Collard & Collard designs. Internally, the action has been reconditioned and regulated. Externally, the fiddle back Mahogany cabinet has been stripped and repolished, so it is perfect for adding an extra touch of elegance to any home. Its rich and vibrant tones make it the ideal choice for both amateur and experienced musicians alike. 


Tuned to A440Hz


Configuration  -  Overstrung / Underdamped

Year of manufacture  -  1941


Height    119cm

Width     140cm

Depth       60cm

PRICE   -   €1750

Challen grand piano

There are very few items that looks as impressive in a room as a grand piano.

This Challen baby grand is a slightly newer model than most , which tend to date from the 1930's. Where this piano really differs from most others though, is in the amount of restoration work that has been completed. The strings and frame have been removed, allowing the soundboard to be stripped and repolished. The frame has been regilded, and all strings and tuning pins replaced, as can be seen in the photos.

It has an 88 note keyboard and action that 

has been dismantled, hammers refaced, jacks reburnished and all centre pins checked and replaced as necessary. The keyboard has been thoroughly cleaned and the keytops buffed. 

The cabinet has been stripped and repolished and all brasswork buffed.


Tuned to A440 Hz

Year of manufacture  -  1950


Length     127cm

Width       145cm

PRICE   -   5450