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Pianos are  very heavy and must be moved using appropriate equipment and expertise.  We can move your piano from one room to another, one home to another, one town to another, or one county to another. You let us know what you need and we will deliver. 


Pianos can be valuable instruments. Do you know how much yours is worth? Have you insured it? We can assess your piano and provide you with a written evaluation for insurance purposes. 


Perhaps you are looking to buy a new piano and need some general advice............or maybe you are not sure if the piano that your great Uncle left you in his will is worth sprucing up. What ever your query or concern, if it relates to pianos, we can offer expert advice and guidance.


Occassionally a piano can be found advertised in the local paper.  More often than not the person selling the instrument has as much knowledge about pianos as the person buying it, which might not be much (no offence!). Many pianos will have sat untouched and un-tuned for years, which is a recipe for disaster. A piano is a delicate mechanical instrument and should therefore be treated as such. A general rule of thumb when buying is to buy the most expensive you can afford. If you start your child off on a piano well past its sell by date, you can’t expect them to flourish if they have to fight the piano when it comes to practising. We often hear the phrase  'I only want a cheap one to begin with' but this can lead to intense frustration on the pianists part as they have to contend with sloppy actions, keys that don’t play and other things going wrong. If you are considering buying a second-hand piano then please phone a piano tuner, not the piano teacher (again, no offence) to discuss your potential purchase. Ideally, get the piano checked prior to purchasing as this could save you a lot of money and possible heartache.

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