New Piano Stools

The majority of new piano stools available today are of Chinese origin. They are of variable quality, ranging from poor to average. Because of this, we don't stock these stools.

The stools that we supply are made for us in the UK using the best quality materials. The range of wood finishes available make them a good match for both traditional and new pianos. The stool pictured below, the standard solo adjustable stool, is the most popular model that we sell. This particular one is shown in Dark Oak with an Ivory dralon top. The price of this stool is €145.

Many other designs of stools are available (examples shown below). As there is such a large choice of wood finishes and seat fabrics available, please contact us for further information and prices.

Restored and Used Stools

We also have a selection of restored and used stools available.  Please contact us if you require further pictures of any of the stools or would like further information

Traditional music stool with storage. Mahogany finish with inlaid banding to both long sides 

This stool has been repolished and the top recovered  -  €175

Duet stool with storage and braced legs.  Mahogany finish 

This stool has been repolished and the top recovered.  -  €175

Traditional single piano stool with back support. Light Walnut finish with original "leatherette" seat cover  -  €100

Duet twin adjustable piano stool (each side is independently adjustable).  Black satin finish  -  €175